Mental Health

Jewish Community Free Clinic Mental Health Services

At some time in our lives, we can all benefit from the help of a caring and professional therapist to help us work through issues with relationships, parenting, work or school, retirement, dealing with the emotional impact of medical problems, low energy, guilt, sleep problems, loss of interest and anxiety or depression.  We might also need help recovering from community challenges such as the pandemic, fires and floods.  For times like these, the JCFC offers mental health services to those in need.  

We offer Solution Focused Therapy, which is an evidence-based behavioral health intervention that focuses on goal clarification, skill development, actively working on the steps needed to identify and engage each individual’s strengths and resiliency.  We also provide information and referral services to other programs.  All mental health services are offered completely free of charge and delivered by volunteer licensed mental health providers or by supervised associates working toward licensure.  There are no eligibility requirements.  

This program focuses on working together to rapidly develop concrete solutions which achieve better health and well-being.  Clients who have histories of serious or chronic mental health conditions or addiction or are seeking medications or long-term treatment would not be well served by this program, but may still contact us for help in getting direction to other programs in the community.  

Therapy is by appointment only.  If you or someone you know is interested in our services, please check out our clinic hours on our web site.  Anyone interested in this service can call in during any of our clinic times and a nurse will help evaluate their needs.  We welcome you to consider utilizing our mental health services, or to recommend us to a friend or family member.