Sevicio de aprendizaje

From our very early years the JCFC has seen great benefits in integrating Service Learning into our operational model. With strong partnerships from local high schools and schools of higher learning, hundreds of local students have rotated through our clinic, providing their extraordinary skills to the benefit of our clients, and offering them valuable knowledge that will help them prepare for their future.

Providing Service-Learning opportunities requires a steady stream of financial support as the program requires recruitment, onboarding, capacitación, oversight, and evaluation. We do not take these obligations lightly, and believe our program provides amazing opportunities to students who are determined to be the best that they can be and learn as much as they can to prepare for their future careers.

Students at the JCFC participate in a number of ways. Many nursing and medical students provide direct care to patients. High school and college students work at the front desk answering phones and greeting clients who have come for their visit. Nurses working towards their bachelor’s degrees do case management, meticulously calling hundreds of clients each month to see how they are faring and to assure that their discharge instructions are being adhered to. Medical students as part of their residency program learn the nuances of safety net organizations such as ours, and public relations students help us with our outreach efforts. Business students have helped us with our strategic planning, and those pursuing social work have helped with Resource and Referrals. In every way, students are an important part of the lifeline of our organization, and we know that students help to make our organization strong and vibrant.

To learn more about the program, please email our director at [email protected]We are always open to new and exciting ways to incorporate Service-Learning into our everyday operation.


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