Política sanitaria

The JCFC takes its mission very seriously. We are determined to provide support to others so that
together we can help repair our world. At the core of our mission is the notion that affordable quality healthcare is basic right of all who live amongst us. The concept of Justice in Health is at the very core of our organizational essence.

To attain Justice in Health we need to do away with systemic inequities that currently exist in our
healthcare system. Inequities create barriers to affordable access. With our presence, we affirm that EVERYONE should have quality care, regardless of religion, employment or immigration status, or ability to pay. Healthcare is a basic human right. Quality healthcare is Para Todos, For Everyone.

By providing completely free healthcare services to the uninsured and others who are having trouble finding affordable care, the JCFC helps to level the playing field. Working closely with our community healthcare partners, the JCFC is often the first stop in the critical journey of securing a permanent medical home.

By acknowledging how our clients are affected by the social determinants of health they have often
faced throughout their lives, our JCFC volunteers can help clients in so many profound ways. Carrying this process out in partnership with our clients is central to our heartfelt mission.