How to Make a Difference

Stay Informed and Be Active!

To make a difference in the community, it is critical to stay informed. Through our new updated JCFC website we hope to assist individuals who live in our community to become more involved so that they can also help to make a difference for those most in need. The first step is to be informed about the ongoing challenges faced by so many. Please check out our website often, to learn more about what is going on in the community and ways you can help.

Communities are well served when citizens speak up and challenge injustices when they see them. The JCFC is concrete proof that we can make a difference by organizing and demanding fair treatment for all. We encourage everyone to support the JCFC in our mission to ensure that no one goes without quality medical care, and to support other similar community based organizations determined to improve the lives of everyone who lives among us.

Practice Healthy Living

As a health clinic, every day we witness the importance of practicing healthy living. A key factor in preventing health problems is making healthy choices in your everyday life. We can all make our community a healthier place by taking care of ourselves and being role models to those around us.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website:
Four Specific Health Behaviors Contribute to a Longer Life

The JCFC’s Acupuncture Program provides acupuncture services to those who would not be able to afford it elsewhere. Our Diabetes Wellness Program ensures that our diabetic clients get food assistance that meets their special dietary needs. To learn more about these programs, come in to any of our weekly clinics and ask to speak with a member of our Resource and Referral Team.

Network to Share Knowledge and Ideas

Use your social outlets to discuss important issues such as healthy living and ensuring access to healthcare for all. Come to our events to stay connected with our mission and meet like-minded people who support the matters that concern you. Connect with us on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same. Read articles, sign petitions, follow your beliefs, and let other people know about it.