Free Healthcare Services Santa Rosa CA

The JCFC is proud to provide services to anyone in need who is currently uninsured. Come to the JCFC for primary care medicine, employment evaluations, women’s health care, medications, and laboratory services. All of these services are available completely free of charge.

Regular volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses rotate each week, and are supplemented by a referral network of volunteer physician specialists. Clinic volunteers offer not only medical and nursing care, but also social services, and referrals to other community resources.

We offer services 4 days a week at our primary care drop-in clinics and for specialty care by appointment. Read through our website to learn more about us and call us to get for information Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 707-585-7780.

The Jewish Community Free Clinic Offers:

  • Family medicine and health consultations
  • Treatment for minor health problems
  • Access services for the chronically ill
  • Education about health and nutrition
  • Community resource info and referrals
  • Women’s health (Wednesdays only)
  • Well-child exams
  • Work and school physicals
  • Vaccines for children and adults
  • Outreach and Info for Covered California
  • Referrals to permanent medical homes
  • Diabetes Wellness referrals

The Clinic Does Not Offer:
(although referrals can be made)

  • Dental services
  • Free X-Rays
  • STD testing

Regarding Prescriptions:

  • All refills must be done in person.
  • Narcotics are not prescribed nor on site


In response to the North Bay fires that devastated our community, the Jewish Community Free Clinic announces the expansion of our case management and mental health services.  This expansion will include the opening of a new program, JCFC Solution Focused Brief Therapy, scheduled to begin services this July. The program’s goal is to provide much needed mental health and support services to our clients as well as to those affected by the devastating fires.  Based on our volunteer model, volunteer therapists will offer completely free short term therapy to those in need.  This program has been generously supported by the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund and their partnership with the Press Democrat and the Office of Senator McGuire. Expansion of services to meet the growing demand that we are experiencing post-fire has also been generously funded by the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund as well as by Tipping Point through the JCFC’s membership with the Redwood Community Health Coalition.

Since the fires, which further marginalized low-income individuals and families, clients are facing new problems including a severe shortage of affordable housing and fewer public services due to a declining tax base post-fire.  These problems then subject people to unbearable stress and other mental health challenges. The JCFC provides a welcoming place for clients to come in their time of greatest need.

Not only are client numbers increasing but so is the extent of the need presented by each client.  Successful response to these extreme circumstances post-disaster requires coordinated care by professional service providers.  Solution Focused Brief Therapy is an evidence-based behavioral health intervention that provides short-term therapy.  This short-term therapy program will be available to adults with mild to moderate mental health challenges who will benefit from compassionate solution-focused therapy from a mental health professional volunteer.

Since all direct services to clients at the JCFC are provided by volunteers, this new program will require a group of community mental health professionals willing to volunteer their time to serve our community one person at a time. Interested licensed psychologists, counselors, and social workers are needed to participate in this innovative grass roots response to our community’s post-fire mental health needs. We are recruiting volunteers and student interns in the fields of social work and mental health.  To volunteer as a therapist or learn how to help as a clinician, please contact Mark Bender, Ph.D., JCFC Mental Health Supervisor at [email protected].    

The JCFC provides malpractice insurance for those working on-site with JCFC clients.  Time commitment can be flexible according to the volunteer’s availability.  Services will be provided on-site at our medical offices at 50 Montgomery Drive in Santa Rosa.  For more information please see our website at

For more information regarding this announcement, please email Donna Waldman, JCFC Executive Director, at [email protected]